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Texting ban while driving a Federal car is a step in the right direction for California

Posted on Oct 01, 2009

With these advancement of cell phone technology and the ability to communicate instantly, more and more automobile drivers are using their texting features while driving. This has created a firestorm of auto accidents and collisions causing significant personal injury. California consumer attorneys have been advocating for over a year that texting be banned.

Finally someone is listening. After a California train accident that caused devastation to many lives, many thousand automobile accidents and a great deal of property damage in personal injury, a quick decision on the part of the federal government has implemented a ban on all texting devices all driving on government business.

Of course we think this is not enough. Federal employees actually should be banned from texting even on personal business as should all other drivers. While change is slow, every step is a helpful step. There simply is not a justification for texting while you are driving anymore than there would be reading a newspaper article or watching television.

We hope California will join this shift in momentum and ban the use of cell phone texting while driving any vehicle in the state of California.

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