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Two Die in Seal Beach Motorcycle Crash

Posted on Jul 18, 2011

A motorcyclist and his passenger are dead after the driver of the motorcycle lost control of his Harley-Davidson and crashed into a car.
The Orange County motorcycle accident accident occurred at 11:18 a.m. on Sunday, July 17 on the northbound I-405 near the Seal Beach Boulevard exit.  The 60-year-old make motorcyclist and his 57-year-old female passenger were travelling at about 65 M.P.H. in a right side of the freeway.  The motorcycle began fishtailing and the driver control of his motorcycle and careened across the I-405 freeway to the slow lane.  After hitting the rear left corner of a Honda Accord, the motorcyclist and his passenger were launched head first into a concrete road-construction divider. Although they were both wearing full helmets, the force of the crash into the cement wall caused severe head injuries.
The two riders were taken to Long Beach Memorial Hospital and were pronounced dead at 12:07 p.m. and 12:25 p.m. 
The Seal Beach motorcycle crash is still under investigation. Police officers do not know what caused the driver to lose control of the motorcycle.

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