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Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie, Inc.

Hurt by a car accident? Call, you will not be disappointed. 1 (949) 752-7474.

Demand 3 things you want in a California car accident lawyer:

1.                We recover money for you or you owe us nothing.
2.                98.7% success rate for over 35 years.
3.                Free consultation, without obligation and always confidential.

Our Fee Guarantee
You have nothing to lose because
 if we cannot win for you, you pay us nothing.

Call us now at 1 (949) 885-3985 for your free consultation,  e-mail us or request a free evaluation of your case.

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Hire a California car accident attorney immediately.

It is simple, the earlier we are on the case, the more likely your case will settle without trial or delay.  We can organize your claim, help with treatment, collect medical bills, submit to health insurance and make sure it pays, and much more.  When you are ready to settle, we will be ready as well. That is why hiring a California car accident lawyer quickly helps you.  Call 1 (949) 752-7474 or send a confidential e-mail with your questions.

Hire a qualified California auto accident lawyer.

Some lawyers do not specialize in any area of law.  We pay special attention to personal injury and car accidents because that is what we do.  We know the ins and outs of an car accident claim better than a general practitioner.  We also know how to maximize your claim, minimize your frustration and get you a fair, rapid result.  Call to see the difference from your first contact.  Call a California auto accident attorney at 1 (949) 752-7474.  The call and consultation are free and we never feel the need to pressure people to sign with us.  They can sense the relief that is important to them.  Call now.

We help resolve your property damage for free!

Most lawyers charge a fee for help with your property damage.  We think that is simply unfair.  We help resolve your property damage claims without any charge as long as you retain us to represent you in your personal injury claim.  What could be easier.  Simply call 1 (949) 752-7474 to get help now.

Are your injuries like these? 

We have represented thousands of clients over 35 years with a great many different kinds of injury from the common to the complex.  We know you will gain greatly by using our knowledge to your benefit. Here are some common injuries from a California car accident.

•    Spinal injury
•    Nerve injury from spinal damage
•    Broken bones
•    Head trauma or brain injury
•    Frozen shoulders
•    Paralysis
•    Sciatic nerve irritation
•    Disc injury

An experienced California car accident lawyer understand how difficult it can be to cope with injury.  As a California car accident attorney, we will let you focus on your recovery.   Call 1 (949) 752-7474 or use our contact form to e-mail  us questions you may have.

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