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California Truck Accident Lawyer Promises The Help You Need.

Here are 6 important requirements you want in a California truck accident attorney:

1.                Recover money for you or you owe us nothing.
2.                Highly experienced in California Truck accident recovery.
3.                A proven success rate of 100% on California truck accidents.
4.                Free consultation, without obligation and always confidential.
5.                We help solve your medical and financial needs.
6.                AV rated in Martindale-Hubbell, the highest pre-eminent award.

You have nothing to lose because
 if we cannot win for you, you pay us nothing.

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Why you need a truck accident attorney immediately.

There are very few accidents as devastating as a truck accident.  A fully loaded semi truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and when an inexperienced or tired trucker is behind the wheel of one of these vehicles, the outcome can be tragic.  That is why a California truck accident attorney needs to be on your side immediately.  Call 1 (949) 752-7474 or send a confidential e-mail with your questions.

What can a truck accident lawyer do that you can’t do for yourself?

Within the trucking industry, companies are constantly looking for ways to save money.  Trucking companies have been known to cut corners by poorly maintaining trucks, overworking drivers and failing to properly train their employees.  Over the past few years, it has even been discovered that truckers were forging important medical certificates and obtaining fraudulent commercial licenses.  As a result, truckers are on our roads and have no business being behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler.  Only an experienced California truck accident lawyer can uncover the fraud and negligence causing your accident. Call us for a no obligation consultation at 1(949) 752-7474.

Truck accident injuries are usually severe requiring specialized representation.

The injuries from a California truck accident are often catastrophic and may lead to months or years of recovery.  Some of the common truck accident injuries include:
•    Burns
•    Nerve damage
•    Spinal cord injury
•    Broken bones
•    Head trauma or brain injury
•    Broken collarbone
•    Pelvic fracture
•    Lumbar spine damage
•    Paralysis

We understand how difficult it can be to cope with such a painful injury.  As a California truck accident attorney, we will guide you through the complex legal process, so that you can stay focused on your recovery.   We will right the wrong that has been done to you in your California truck accident by helping you obtain financial compensation for your injuries, including past and future medical expenses and lost wages.   As our client, you will not only overcome your situation, you will be able to soar above it.  

Call (949) 752-7474 or use our contact form to e-mail us questions you may have.

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