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Orange County dog bite lawyer promises results in your dog bite case.


Dog bites can leave you vulnerable, scared, and unable to pay for the complex medical costs and cosmetic surgery you need.  Read on to find out what you can do right now by a Orange County dog bite lawyer or call to talk to us at 1 (949) 752-7474.  The call is free.

As the canine population grows in Orange County, so do the number of dog bites.   Vicious dog attacks result in more than physical injuries and can lead to a life long fear of these animals.  A dog bite victim often is afraid to be around dogs, and this fear can be debilitating.  Children are most often the victims of dog bites, but someone at any age can be attacked.  If you or someone you love has suffered a serious dog bite injury, you are probably faced with these and more serious concerns.  Contact a Orange County dog bite attorney that is experienced in handling dog bite cases to help you through the maze of solutions that may be available to you.

Why choose an Orange County dog bite lawyer?

Our law firm has handled many serious dog bite cases.

We are familiar with local laws that control dogs.

We work on a contingency. "No recovery no fee guarantee."

Will we take your case?

We cannot take every case, because we would not be able to represent our current clients fully.  However, we would be happy to talk to you about your case for free.  If we cannot represent you, we can still help. As a highly experienced Orange County dog bite attorney, we know other attorneys that handle dog bites, and that may be able to take your case.  We can also offer you a FREE resource book on how to find the right attorney for you.


If you would like us to consider helping you, contact a  Orange County dog bite lawyer today at
(949) 752-7474 for a free legal consultation regarding your dog bite injury.

What laws control dog bite claims and dogs?

The state of California has established dog bite laws, but each Orange County city has its own set of laws as well.  Dog bite statutes vary depending on the city where the attack took place.  Despite these laws, Insurance companies do not like to pay dog bite claims.  Also, whose insurance is applicable becomes an issue, especially if the dog owner does not own the property where the dog is residing.  To figure through these complex rules, contact us at 1 (949) 752-7474 today.

Don't let someone blame you?

Insurance companies notoriously try to blame the victim, suggesting the victim did something wrong to provoke the attack.  They even get the dog owner to say things that are not true about the dog or the attack to avoid liability.  It is important that you are represented by a dog bite attorney who understands these challenges, the differences in local laws, and who is up to date on the constantly changing regulations.  Call us toll free at 1 (949) 752-7474.  Your consultation is always free.

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