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7 Mistakes that could sabotage your accident claim.

Seven Mistakes That Could Sabatoge Your Claim When you are involved in a California accident, the other side has an insurance company that helps them.  You are ofter left to fend for yourself. 
What if you are not sure you need an attorney or lawyer yet? 
How can you protect yourself? 

Call 1 (949) 752-7474 and request your free copy of 7 mistakes that can sabotage your accident claim.  This book will warn you of the most common mistakes made by claimants when trying to handle your claim.  You don't have to give any recorded statements, and should not do so.  read why!  You should read your medical records before giving them to the other side.  I tell you why.

These are real life, practical problems and mistakes made every day, and answers to those problems, and it is free.  Simply call 1 (949) 752-7474 to obtain your copy.
So why offer this free book? 

Simple, if you later want to hire us, you may have permanently prejudiced your case.  I would rather you avoid trouble, and later when you hire me, your case goes smoother.  You have nothing to lose, so request a copy of the book immediately by calling 1 (949) 752-7474 or clicking the buttons to the side.

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