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The 6 Rules You Should Know If You Are Injured by a Drunk Driver

Were you hit by a drunk driver in Los Angeles or Orange County?  Have you sustained injury? Call us for help 1 888 752-7474 or at least follow the 6 rules outlined in my FREE SPECIAL REPORT to protect your claim.

The report reveals the tactics insurance companies employ to delay settlement and minimize the amount of compensation you could receive for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering and how to combat them. Sign up to receive the report below. 


Please feel free to reach out to us for help as well. Our experienced staff and attorneys can help you immediately. Ask to speak to Brian or Samantha. They have been with us for many years and will answer all of your questions. There is never any charge to speak to us about your case. 


Call 888-752-7474 toll free or Email us.

We represent victims of drunk drivers, whether you are a pedestrian, bicyclist or were riding a motorcycle or driving a car when the accident occurred.  Here are some of the things you may be looking for.

Property Damage:  If you need help with your total loss or fixing your car, we help get that done at no charge as long as you retain us to help you with your injury rights.

Medical Treatment:  Do you need medical treatment? Unsure where to go?  No health insurance?   We can help you with a referral to an orthopedist, physical therapist or chiropractor that is experienced in treating accident victims.  You won’t have to pay for their services until your case settles.

Pain and Suffering:   If you need to recover pain and suffering damages or lost wages, we are experts at obtaining the most for your case.

Settlement without Trial:  If you want to avoid trial but want a good settlement, we are experts at presenting your case to insurance companies.  They will not want to go to trial after we show them the strength of your case and you will win. We have won more than 98% of our cases.  Insurance companies settle cases when they know they will lose. If you decide to go to trial, why not have an attorney that has over 30 years of experience and a winning track record?

Free Advice:  If you need advice right now, sign up for our special report on the 6 rules you must follow if you are injured by a drunk driver or call us.

Call 888-752-7474 toll free or Email us

We have helped thousands and we can help you.   

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