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Injured in a Crash? You Need This Now…

No matter how careful you are on the road, you will be involved in at least one crash that is not your fault. If you are in that situation right now, take advantage of this ABSOLUTELY FREE book written to protect you before you do anything else.  

Insurance companies have made it harder than ever to recover your out-of-pocket damages from a crash. If you’ve been injured in a collision, or if you want to be prepared in the future, read this ebook, 7 Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your Accident Claim. 

If you request this book, it will be emailed to you without any charge.  Why are we willing to send the book? Because if you do need us later, you will not have ruined your case with these mistakes. It is that simple.  

We guarantee that you will be impressed by the book. Email us why you did not like the book and we will send you two complimentary tickets to the movies. That's right!  We are extremely confident you will find value, but we could always use some constructive feedback from readers.

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If you need an attorney now call us at 888-752-7474. We will make sure none of these mistakes happen. We’ll answer all of your legal questions free of charge. 

Why The Book?

Insurance companies have devised 7 tactics to get accident victims to ruin their cases so they can avoid giving you the compensation you need to pay medical bills, lost wages and other losses.  Are you thinking, "I will just be honest and everything will be ok."  You are the ideal victim.  Do you think, "They will not be totally unfair if I am not greedy."  You are the ideal victim.  Jim Ballidis worked for insurance defense.  He wrote the book you will receive.  He knows firsthand the tactics insurers use.  He changed sides because he was so disgusted. It was unfair, until now.

Still in shock and pain from the traumatic experience, accident victims often do exactly what the adjusters ask them to do, without realizing they are waiving rights, disclosing non-accident-related information, giving broad releases,  allowing the adjusters to pry into all their personal information, contact their employer and doctors without informing them. It happens all the time. Insurance companies are out to protect themselves so you have to be aware.

Whether you’re handling the case on your own or plan on speaking to an attorney, you can’t afford to make these 7 mistakes, many of which are made in the first few days after the accident.

We will repeat: why offer this book?  We do not want you to ruin your case if you need us, and it is the right thing to do.  It's that simple.

We have a 98.4% success rate on cases, but when people come to us for help and they’ve made these mistakes, there’s often little we can do for them. If you’ve been injured in a crash in California, you must read 7 Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your Accident Claim now. 

Call for immediate assistance 888-752-7474 or order the book and call us later if you need us.

If you sign up today, we will also send you a FREE BONUS.  A webinar you can watch at home that tells you what type of insurance you need, and most likely do not have, to protect you and not the other driver. The cost: a cup of coffee a month.  That's right.  That webinar will protect you in any future accident on your bicycle, as a pedestrian or as a motorist. Most people think they have "Full Coverage."  They don't. Insurance companies do not want you to know about this coverage because they cannot predict if and when a reckless driver will hit you. 

Please sign up for these free gifts and think of us the next time you need an attorney, or call now 888-752-7474.



Call us at 888-752-7474 and we will answer all of your questions free of charge and obligation. You can also email us your questions.

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