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Are You The Perfect Client That a California Injury Lawyer can Help?

We are in Irvine California asking "Who is the perfect client for our
 California Injury Lawyer Practice?

The Perfect client is not the client that can settle their own case or the person that is not in need of specialized help.  We have books, and materials to help them.  The perfect client for our California injury lawyer practice is the person that needs help in these areas:

California wage loss
California earning capacity losses and proof
Injury evaluation
Injury and treatment from medical specialists
Property Damage resolution
Life care planning for the future
Evaluation of disability
Recovery of Pain and Suffering
Insufficient insurance of the party causing you damage
Insufficient uninsured motorist coverage.

If you have been trying to resolve these issues, as California injury lawyer we can and will help you.  Just call 1-888 752-7474 and you can consult with us for as long as you need without any charge.  Call today.

Video Transcription:

Jim Ballidis:  Hi this is Jim Ballidis, California injury attorney, and I’m here in Irvine, California to talk to you about our perfect client.  We represent clients throughout the state of California that are seriously injured, and a perfect client for us is someone who really, truly needs our assistance.  If you have a case and you think you can settle it on your own, we want to help you do that. That is not a case that we need to be involved in. We have free resources for you even that you can use to try and settle your case. But if you have a serious injury, if you are having trouble getting a good diagnosis, if you need an expert who has handled these kinds of cases before or someone who is familiar with the various types of problems that crop up when you are involved in a serious accident like wage loss, inability to provide for your family, inability to get good quality medical care, trouble with insurance companies, uninsured drivers or even drivers that don’t have enough insurance or people who do not have enough insurance that cost you injury, then we can help you and that’s what our role is.  So people that need us are our best clients, and I’d like you to call us if you think you need help. Call at the number down below.

This is Jim Ballidis, California personal injury attorney, and I’m in Irvine, California today doing this interview.  Thank you.

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