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Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie, Inc.

A Good Staff Makes A Good Lawyer. If You've Been Injured In An Accident In California Contact the law office of Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie

Since 1974, our law firm has been helping clients from all walks of life, and we will help you, if we accept your case. We have satisfied personal injury clients that are hard working hourly workers, business and management specialists, CEOs of large companies and stay at home moms. We have a spotless California Bar record and are rated as a preeminent law firm "AV" rating, the highest available, by an independent lawyer rating organization, Martindale Hubbell. Contact us at 949-752-7474 for help if you've been hurt.


Video Transcription:

An attorney’s firm without a good staff is really at a disservice. You’ve got to have a good staff.  I’ve got a great staff. If somebody calls, we have two or three people at any one time in the office that can speak to them, that have experience, and that know what to talk about. I insist they make memos of conversations before I meet with clients. Brian Lew is one of my trusted employees here. He has been here for 15 years or 16 years--if it’s 16 Brian don’t get mad at me. And Suzanne Leslie, like I said, has been there 25 years. In fact she was hired before me, before I was even hired to the firm. And she is an attorney, a great attorney, and she interviews lots of the clients when they come in.


Staff is key.  If you are going to look for a lawyer, look for their staff too, because if you find a good staff, it’s coming from the top down. The lawyer is probably good too.

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