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California Attorney Provides Information On Website To Help Accident Victims Handle Their Own Small Claims

Our site offers articles and information in our areas of expertise; sections on injury, and liability for your type of accident. Each section will provide answers to the many questions you may have. Contact an Orange County accident lawyer today at 866-981-5596 for a free legal consultation regarding your personal injury case and visit our website for more information.


Video Transcription:

There are a huge number of people that are involved in an accident that really don’t need an attorney. They need information though.  So what shall I do as an attorney in my practice? Shall I say, because it doesn’t profit me, I’m not going to share my information? No. So virtually all of the things that you need in an automobile accident or a truck accident for instance, I provide you with the basics of how to get through that. I even talk about witness bias, police officer bias, I talk about how to get a recorded statement, although if it’s a big case, please don’t do it on your own, how to get through that process of claims. I will show you how to write a demand letter. All of that is contained in the websites that I have created as information for people who don’t need an attorney but want to try and get it done themselves.  Why is it important? Again, when they do need an attorney, I’d hope that they would think, hey that guy knows what he is talking about because I used it on the small stuff. Why don’t you go to him?

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