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California Bike Accident Attorney Knows The Laws In Place To Protect You After A Cycling Accident

If you have been injured in a cycling accident, you need to talk with an experienced bike accident lawyer. Why not contact the attorney who wrote the book on bicycle accidents and has represented all types of athletes, from professionals to road warriors? Contact an Orange County bicycle accident attorney today at 866-981-5596 for a free legal consultation regarding your bicycle injury case. We are also Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys and handle motorcycle accident cases.


Video Transcription:

Cycling and bicycling are big in Southern California.  We are a community that likes to get on our bikes. I ride my bike with my daughter once a week, and I have somebody at my office, he is actually a competitor, cycling competitor. And cars have to watch for bikes.  Now we have a unique situation in California. We have a lot of bike lane laws and a lot of bike lanes. You have the right if you are in that lane to occupy that lane without a car interrupting you or causing you damage. And so frequently bike accidents and bike injuries arise from people driving cars into the bike lane or illegal area improperly, opening the door without looking and the bicyclist is going by. Certainly, I have seen cars anxious to get out of traffic, so they travel in the bike lane, which is just horrendous. We need to protect the bike, the biking public and the cycling public. And the laws are there to protect you, and we routinely represent probably about 30 or 40 cases a year coming to us for people that are on cycles, in one fashion or another they have been hit by a car, or a truck.  I had a nine time Ironman competitor hit by a truck, broke her back, terrible.

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