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California Personal Injury Attorney Fights For You Against Big Insurance Companies

Since 1974, our law firm has been helping clients from all walks of life, and we will help you, if we accept your case. We have satisfied personal injury clients that are hard working hourly workers, business and management specialists, CEO's of large companies and stay at home moms. We have a spotless California Bar record and are rated as a preeminent law firm "AV" rating, the highest available, by an independent lawyer rating organization, Martindale Hubbell. Contact us at 949-752-7474 for help.


Video Transcription:

When I was young, I wanted to be a lawyer because I thought I was a good person to debate and argue, but overtime, and after I passed law school, I started to realize that really it wasn’t about debating. You have to represent people and their troubles. And I started out actually my career working for insurance defense firms. And working for insurance companies was an eye opener for me, something that I really felt uncomfortable with.  I saw the way that insurance companies treat people. I saw the way that they were focused on the financial aspects of benefitting them even to the point where they are unfair, and I decided not to be a personal injury lawyer. Then I was going to go into securities litigation. And then I met the owner of the firm that I now own and he convinced me that I should come and be with his practice for a year in personal injury, convinced me that there is a quality of personal injury attorney out there that can lend themselves to helping people.  


And after a year if I didn’t like it he said I could leave and he would pay me handsomely for the year that I was there. So I stayed for a year, and then we had a meeting, and he said, well what do you think, and I said, I’ll never go back, I like what we were doing, I like how we are helping people, I like how we are focusing on people’s needs. And so, why I became a lawyer is actually sort of a more from thinking I wanted to be a hot shot to actually helping people and really trying to affect successful outcomes for their cases. They are confronted with things that are very challenging for them when they are involved in an accident, particularly a serious accident. And so it’s my opportunity to give them a road map based on our experience of how to get through this, console them when they need to, be a part of them, and their family, in fact many of my clients were like my family after the case was done because we’ve put so much into it to get them to a place where they are comfortable. That’s why I became a lawyer, why I still am.

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