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Car and Truck Accident Attorney In California Will Help You Recover From Your Injuries

Attorney Jim Ballidis, along with a team of lawyers, paralegals and support staff, will lead you through every aspect of your case, so that you can stay focused on your recovery. Our desire is that you will not just survive your injury accident, but that you truly soar above it. Contact us at 949-752-7474 for help if you've been injured.


Video Transcription:

I think tort reform really is not a good idea for people who are involved in an accident.  The problem is that tort reform artificially caps a recovery for someone who may have devastating injuries or a life of difficulty.  And they have tried this in medical malpractice cases and resoundingly it has failed. In fact one of the authors of MICRA, which is the tort reform for medical malpractice, was injured himself after he had passed that law in Illinois. He was injured and put into a wheelchair the rest of his life, and he wrote about this, and said, geez, this is the single most devastating thing I have done in my career to not only myself but to everybody who is in this position. So I totally disagree with tort reform and I try to do everything I can to avoid it or to stop it.

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