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Insurance Companies Are Not Going To Help You After An Accident.

Our office has been forced to limit our injury practice to seriously injured persons throughout California. If you feel that your case involves serious injury and you would like us to consider representing you, please call us. Even if we cannot take your case, we may be able to help you find an attorney. Contact an Orange County car accident lawyer today at 888-752-7474 or 949-752-7474 for a free legal consultation regarding your injury case.


Video Transcription:

If you have been in an accident, you are hurt. The insurance company calls you couple days later and wants to pressure you into signing something.  I’d say you are 50/50 that you should give it some time, you really should, but you don’t necessarily need a lawyer just yet. Just make sure you are okay, but if you are okay, sign it away, your case doesn’t have much value anyway.  Now if you are hurt and you are getting contacted by an insurance company, I want you to understand this: their sole and exclusive job is to save money. They collect money from policy holders and when their insured, the person that struck you, is in an accident, they want to save money. So what are they going to do? They are going to ask you to do everything that helps them to save money. Nothing that they ask you to do is really going to help you, to benefit you, even though they may say so.


So you just ask them are they willing to pay, put in writing that your insured is liable. No, they won’t do it. Ask them, "are you willing to pay for my medical bills as I incur them?" They won’t do it. Ask them, "can I go to a doctor, a doctor that you recommended that I go to?" They won’t. They won’t do it. The reason is it’s not in their best interest to do that. It’s in their best interest to try to, move, keep you away from attorneys, because attorneys are going to get you full value for a case. Plus they are going to help you through some of the things that might prejudice you later, that you just don’t realize right now, like you have a very serious injury and it hasn’t manifested itself yet.

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