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Personal Injury Attorney In California Writes A Book On How To Find A Good Lawyer

We wrote a FREE book you can order, that tells you the secret to finding the right attorney and specialist for your type of case. Don't focus on lawyer advertsing hype that says "I'm the best!" We will show you how to find and qualify the good lawyers for your type of case, and how to interview and hire them. Visit our website at www.thecaliforniainjurylawyer.com or call us at 949-752-7474 to get your copy.

Video Transcription:

I just wrote a book actually, How a Lawyer Would Find a Lawyer, because there is lots of times I only do personal injury work for the most part. So if I need, if I have a client who says hey Jim do you know an attorney that does another kind of law, I got to go help them find somebody and I'm better suited to do that than they are because I know what lawyers, where to look and how to find a good lawyer. So after enough clients asked me, I decided you know what I actually should really write a book on this, so I wrote it, I wrote the book and it's How a Lawyer Finds a Lawyer and I give people an opportunity to look for a lawyer through this book. So I'm going to give that to anybody that lives in California for free.

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