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Shoulder Injury and Impingement Remedies

Shoulder injury lawyer James Ballidis interviews Dr. Jason Amstutz on the latest and most advanced methods of resolving shoulder injuries from an accident. Call an Orange County shoulder injury lawyer at 1 866-981-5596 if you need answers or assistance. Do you want to know what causes a shoulder injury in an accident and the newest and best techniques for resolving the injury? Active motion prevents further injury; quick rehabilitation through bio-mechanical and neurological reactivation stops shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, and prevents unnecessary surgery. Learn what a sports injury treatment expert has to say about rehab and the improvements in modern medicine.

Video Transcription:

Jim Ballidis:  This is Jim Ballidis, a personal injury and accident attorney in Orange County, California, and I have Jason Amstutz with me.  We had talked off camera here a couple of months ago about some interesting changes in the way that patients are treated for their problems, and I thought that this will be something that you might be interested in. So we are here at my office, one of our offices in Orange County, California.  Welcome Dr.  Jason, how are you?


Jason Amstutz:  I’m good Jim, thank you.  


Jim Ballidis:  Good.  Now the reason just for people that might be watching this, the reason that we bring this up and how I got in this conversation with you is because I came in when my right shoulder was all, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t have an accident or anything, but I couldn’t shake your hand when I arrived at your office. I said, look, now this isn’t going to work for me. I've got to do some stuff today. And I came to you, and you got me moving. Tell me, tell them, you can go and share my story about what you found and how we diagnosed and what we did?


Jason Amstutz:  So I took the same approach that we talked about, either the joints or the muscles or the neurology, and tried to figure out which one of those things wasn’t working. And we found with Jim specifically, that I think from laying on your right shoulder repeatedly, you actually caused a little bit of a shift in the shoulder joint itself. Well then the muscles tighten  down, and then the brain doesn’t communicate as well, so it’s kind of all three, which is pretty typical. None of these things exist by themselves. I mean that’s the thing or point I have to make. You don’t get a joint dysfunction without a muscle problem or the brain problem. They are all kind of – are all linked to each other. So once I figured out it was specifically the GH joint, which is like the humeral joint, then you can address the muscles there, lengthen it, so it can actually move a little bit better, and then adjust it to get it stretched out, and work the way that it is supposed to again. Then you can actually move your arm, and  you moved your arm above your head in the same day.


Jim Ballidis:  Yeah in fact in the same hour that you worked on it.  Okay well I really want to thank you for coming.  Dr.  Jason Amstutz at Synergy Performance Institute, and I’m Jim Ballidis with Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie. We practice in accident and injury law in California, thank you.  


Jason Amstutz:  Thank you.

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