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What Personal Info Do I Have To Give After An Accident?

What personal information are you required to give to the other party's insurance company. An Orange County auto accident lawyer answers this question and provides some advice on how to protect your identity.


Video Transcription:

Jim Ballidis:  Hi I'm Jim Ballidis and I'm in our Orange County office in California, one of three that we have that service personal injury clients, and today I want to talk to you about after you’ve been involved in an accident why you have to give your personal information to the other insurance company.  Part of the reason is because new legislation has created a mandate that Medicare and other healthcare organizations including your health insurance be provided with notice of the accidents and of their reimbursement rights. Virtually every health insurance policy now has reimbursement rights, so therefore because your health insurance is typically issued to you by social security number, it is required that you provide it, also the state and federal government tracks this information now and so it's required.  Also I want you to consider this, if your case is ever to be settled you'll have to provide that information in order for you to receive even a settlement check, so we always tell our clients do not be concerned about providing this information, just provide it in a confidential manner to the insurance company. If you need help or you're not sure what you should do, I want you to call us. We’ll be glad to talk to you over the phone and walk you through the process. If you want to hire us of course you can do that too, simply call the number below and we’ll be glad to speak to you. This is Jim Ballidis at our Orange County office of California Personal Injury Attorneys. Thank you.

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