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Who Pays For a Rental Car When The Accident Is Not Your Fault

Learn when and how a rental car is reimbursed after an accident that is not your fault from an Orange County auto accident lawyer at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie. Call for a free consultation if you require help at 1 888 752-7474. You may be entitled to full reimbursement or may even obtain an advance of a rental car. If the accident is not your fault, know what rights you have and how to obtain the best result from this Orange County auto accident lawyer demonstration video.


Video Transcription:

Jim Ballidis:  Hi this is Jim Ballidis. I'm a California injury lawyer, and I'm here in Costa Mesa talking to you about whether an insurance company has to give you a rental car after an accident. Technically yes, if the accident is not your fault the insurance company must provide you with a rental car. Here is the kicker, they don’t have to advance you the money to do that. If you have rental car insurance on your insurance policy, you should use that first. They will seek reimbursement from the defendant’s car insurance later. If you don’t have that, you may have to put it on a credit card, but as long as the accident isn’t your fault you'll get reimbursed for your rental. If you have any trouble getting reimbursed for your rental, at no charge you call our office. We'll be glad to speak to you about the tools and techniques that we use in order to get that reimbursed and of course if you need help with any injuries then we can either consult with you or take your case. It's no cost to you to call us. Call the number below if you're having trouble with an insurance company reimbursing you for your rights.

This is Jim Ballidis, California injury lawyer practicing throughout the state of California in one of our three convenient locations, thank you.

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